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Cannabis Legal Framework


Andorra's strict cannabis laws contrast with the nearby liberal Catalonia region, yet it maintains a zero-tolerance policy.

Cannabis Laws in Andorra: A Regulatory Overview

Current Legal Framework

In Andorra, the legal status of cannabis is strictly regulated. While CBD is considered a medicine of high complexity and can only be dispensed in hospital pharmacies, cannabis remains prohibited for recreational use. This regulatory framework highlights the country's cautious approach towards cannabis and its distinction between CBD and cannabis products.

Regulatory Updates

Recent reports provide insights into the evolving regulatory landscape in Andorra. As of March 2023, there is a summary of the current regulatory framework in place for CBD, hemp, and cannabis, indicating a detailed approach to overseeing these substances. These updates reflect the country's efforts to adapt to changing attitudes towards cannabis and its derivatives.

Economic Perspectives

Despite the strict regulations on cannabis, there are discussions about the economic potential of cannabis cultivation in Andorra. Some sources suggest that cannabis could be a crop with a future in the country, hinting at potential opportunities for economic growth and development. These discussions shed light on the multifaceted considerations surrounding cannabis laws in Andorra.


In conclusion, Andorra maintains stringent regulations on cannabis, with CBD classified as a complex medicine and recreational cannabis prohibited. The country's regulatory framework reflects a cautious approach to cannabis use while also considering potential economic opportunities. As Andorra navigates its stance on cannabis, ongoing regulatory updates and economic discussions will continue to shape the legal landscape surrounding cannabis in the country.


Legal Framework

Medicinal Use


Recreational Use


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