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Cannabis Legal Framework

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Despite calls for reform, Bosnia and Herzegovina maintains a prohibition stance on both medical and recreational cannabis.

Cannabis Laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Complex Legal Landscape

Legal Status

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, cannabis is illegal for recreational purposes. The cultivation, sale, and possession of cannabis for recreational use are strictly prohibited, reflecting the country's stringent stance on non-medical cannabis consumption.

Support for Legalization

Despite the legal restrictions, there is notable support for marijuana legalization in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Reports indicate that a significant percentage of students in the country advocate for the legalization of marijuana, highlighting a growing interest in revisiting cannabis laws.

Medical Use Considerations

Recent discussions have emerged regarding the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Calls to legalize cannabis for medicinal use underscore evolving attitudes towards the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis within the country.

Industrial Restrictions

Bosnia and Herzegovina also imposes restrictions on industrial hemp, prohibiting its production, importation, and sale for recreational purposes. The legal framework surrounding cannabis in the country extends to industrial use, emphasizing comprehensive regulations.


In conclusion, Bosnia and Herzegovina maintain strict laws prohibiting recreational cannabis use while witnessing growing support for marijuana legalization among certain segments of the population. The country's legal landscape regarding cannabis is multifaceted, encompassing considerations for both medical and industrial use. As discussions continue around potential legalization for medical purposes and evolving societal attitudes towards cannabis, Bosnia and Herzegovina's approach to cannabis laws remains subject to ongoing developments and debates.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Legal Framework

Medicinal Use


Recreational Use


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