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Cannabis Legal Framework


Bulgaria's strict cannabis laws coexist with legal industrial hemp cultivation and the pioneering legal sale of CBD products in the EU.

Cannabis Laws in Bulgaria: Evolving Regulations and Market Dynamics

Regulatory Changes

Bulgaria has seen recent regulatory changes in the cannabis sector, with the Ministry of Agriculture issuing a decree that modifies the requirements for hemp cultivation licenses. This decree includes raising the THC cap from 0.2% to 0.3%, indicating a shift in the country's approach to hemp cultivation.

Public Debate on Legalization

Discussions around the legalization of marijuana in Bulgaria have sparked public debate, as evidenced by conversations on platforms like Reddit. The question of whether marijuana should be legalized in Bulgaria reflects ongoing societal discussions and considerations regarding cannabis laws within the country.

Medical Cannabis Overview

The cultivation and use of cannabis for medical purposes in Bulgaria are currently not regulated at the EU level, granting member states autonomy to make decisions regarding medical cannabis. This autonomy underscores the importance of national regulations in shaping the medical cannabis landscape within Bulgaria.

Legal Framework

In Bulgaria, the use, cultivation, import, export, and control of cannabis are generally regulated by the Bulgarian Narcotic Substances and Precursors Control framework. This legal framework provides guidelines for various aspects of cannabis regulation within the country, emphasizing control and compliance with existing laws.

Accessibility and Legal Status

While hemp is grown in southwest Bulgaria, both cultivation and smoking of hemp are illegal in the country. The strict regulations surrounding hemp cultivation and consumption highlight Bulgaria's zero-tolerance approach towards cannabis use, aligning with its current legal landscape.


Bulgaria's cannabis laws are undergoing changes with regulatory adjustments in hemp cultivation. The country faces debates on marijuana legalization while navigating the complexities of medical cannabis regulations. As Bulgaria continues to evolve its approach to cannabis, balancing market dynamics with legal frameworks remains crucial for shaping the future of cannabis laws in the country.


Legal Framework

Medicinal Use


Recreational Use


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