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Cannabis Legal Framework


Cyprus has established a medical cannabis program, legalizing possession, import, export, and cultivation for medical use.

Cannabis Laws in Cyprus: Medical Legalization and Recreational Prohibition

Legal Status

In Cyprus, cannabis is illegal for recreational use but legal for medical purposes. The country's legal framework distinguishes between recreational and medical cannabis use, with strict regulations in place to control its consumption and distribution.

Medical Use Regulations

Cyprus allows for the legal use of medical cannabis under specific conditions. While recreational marijuana remains prohibited, the country has established a framework that permits the use of cannabis for medical purposes, highlighting a recognition of its potential therapeutic benefits within certain contexts.

Importation Restrictions

The importation of cannabis containing any traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is strictly forbidden in Cyprus. This regulation underscores the country's commitment to controlling the importation and use of cannabis products, emphasizing a zero-tolerance approach towards THC-containing substances.

Recreational vs. Medical Use

While recreational marijuana is illegal in Cyprus, medical marijuana is legally recognized. However, there are challenges regarding patient access to medicinal cannabis products, indicating ongoing developments in the implementation of medical cannabis regulations within the country.


In conclusion, Cyprus maintains a legal landscape where recreational cannabis use is prohibited while medical cannabis is permitted under specific conditions. The country's approach to cannabis laws reflects a balance between prohibiting recreational use and allowing for medical applications. As Cyprus navigates the complexities of cannabis regulation, ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with existing laws and facilitate access to medical ca


Legal Framework

Medicinal Use


Recreational Use


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