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Cannabis Legal Framework


Greece's evolving cannabis laws include plans for a medical program and decriminalized minor offenses, despite strict recreational laws.

Cannabis Laws in Greece: Medical Use Permitted, Recreational Use Prohibited

In Greece, cannabis remains illegal for recreational purposes, with strict regulations prohibiting possession, cultivation, and distribution for non-medical use. However, recent changes have allowed for the use of cannabis for medical purposes under specific conditions.

Medical Cannabis

Greece permits the use of cannabis for medical purposes, reflecting a shift towards acknowledging the therapeutic benefits of marijuana within certain medical contexts. While recreational use is illegal, medical cannabis is legally recognized in the country.

Legal Status

Recreational cannabis remains illegal in Greece, with strict laws in place to control non-medical use. The possession, cultivation, and distribution of cannabis for recreational purposes are prohibited, emphasizing the country's conservative stance on recreational drug use.

Personal Use Considerations

While recreational cannabis is illegal, discussions on platforms like Reddit indicate interest and questions regarding entering Greece with medical cannabis for personal use. The legal landscape surrounding personal possession and transportation of medical cannabis into Greece involves specific documentation and considerations.


In conclusion, Greece maintains strict regulations prohibiting recreational cannabis use while allowing for the use of medical cannabis under certain conditions. The country's legal framework reflects a clear distinction between recreational and medical cannabis use. As discussions continue around medical cannabis and personal possession considerations, Greece's approach to cannabis laws remains focused on controlling non-medical use while recognizing the potential benefits of marijuana for medicinal purposes.


Legal Framework

Medicinal Use


Recreational Use


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