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Cannabis Legal Framework


Moldova's approach to cannabis includes decriminalized personal use and administrative penalties for possession.

Cannabis Laws in Moldova: Decriminalization and Legal Restrictions

In Moldova, cannabis is illegal but decriminalized, with specific regulations governing its use and possession. While simple drug use is not considered a crime, it is treated as an administrative offense within the country.

Legal Status

Moldova has decriminalized cannabis use, meaning that while recreational and medical use of cannabis remains illegal, consuming cannabis is not subject to criminal penalties. However, growing cannabis plants is illegal in Moldova, with strict laws in place to prohibit cultivation.

Enforcement Measures

Despite the decriminalization of cannabis use, growing the plant remains illegal in Moldova. Law enforcement agencies actively enforce laws against cultivation, with individuals caught cultivating cannabis facing potential imprisonment of up to five years.

Public Perception

The decriminalization of cannabis in Moldova has led to a shift in public perception towards drug use. While recreational cannabis remains illegal, the administrative approach to simple drug use reflects a nuanced stance on personal consumption within the country.

In conclusion, Moldova has decriminalized cannabis use but maintains strict regulations against cultivation. While recreational and medical use of cannabis remains illegal, the country's approach emphasizes administrative penalties for simple drug use rather than criminal charges. As discussions around drug policy continue and public perceptions evolve, Moldova's stance on cannabis laws will likely adapt to changing attitudes towards marijuana regulation


Legal Framework

Medicinal Use


Recreational Use


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