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Cannabis Legal Framework


Poland's cannabis policy permits medical use and generally overlooks small-scale possession, alongside legal hemp cultivation.

Cannabis Laws in Poland: Limited Personal Possession Tolerance and Medicinal Use Legalization

In Poland, cannabis is illegal for recreational use, but the law tolerates limited personal possession. The country has also recently legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, reflecting a nuanced approach to cannabis regulation within the country.

Legal Status

Recreational use, purchase, and sale of cannabis are illegal in Poland. However, the law allows for limited personal possession, indicating a degree of tolerance towards individual possession of small amounts of cannabis.

Medicinal Use

Poland has legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Since November 2017, patients have had legal access to medical cannabis products to alleviate symptoms of certain medical conditions, highlighting the country's recognition of the therapeutic benefits of marijuana.

Regulatory Environment

The legal landscape in Poland does not have specific regulations on CBD. The legislation distinguishes between non-fibrous cannabis and fibrous hemp, recognizing the differences between various forms of cannabis products within the country.

Public Perception

Public perception in Poland regarding cannabis laws may vary. While recreational use remains illegal, the tolerance towards limited personal possession and legalization of medical marijuana may influence public attitudes towards drug policy within the country.In conclusion, Poland maintains strict prohibition on recreational cannabis use but tolerates limited personal possession. 

The recent legalization of medical marijuana reflects a progressive stance towards cannabis regulation, allowing patients access to cannabis-based medications for therapeutic purposes. 

As discussions around drug policy continue and public perceptions evolve, Poland's approach to cannabis laws will likely adapt to changing attitudes towards marijuana regulation.


Legal Framework

Medicinal Use


Recreational Use


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