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Cannabis Legal Framework

The Russian Federation

Russia's cannabis laws categorize small-scale possession as an administrative offense, maintaining a prohibitionist stance.

Cannabis Laws in the Russian Federation: Strict Prohibition and Legal Restrictions

In the Russian Federation, cannabis laws maintain strict prohibition for both recreational and medical use. The country's legal framework reflects a zero-tolerance approach towards cannabis, with severe penalties for possession, cultivation, distribution, and use of marijuana.

Legal Status

Cannabis is illegal for both recreational and medical purposes in the Russian Federation. The country's laws strictly prohibit the possession, cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana, emphasizing a stringent stance on drug regulation and enforcement.

Enforcement Measures

Law enforcement agencies in Russia actively enforce laws against cannabis-related activities. Individuals caught possessing, cultivating, distributing, or using marijuana face severe legal consequences under existing regulations to maintain control over drug-related activities and ensure compliance with the country's zero-tolerance approach towards cannabis.

Public Perception

Public perception in the Russian Federation regarding cannabis laws may vary. The strict prohibition and enforcement measures likely influence public attitudes towards drug policy and the use of cannabis within the country.

International Relations

The Russian government maintains a restrictive visa regime for foreigners visiting or residing in the country. This strict regulatory environment extends to drug-related offenses, including cannabis-related activities, reflecting a comprehensive approach to law enforcement and border control.In conclusion, the Russian Federation upholds strict prohibition on both recreational and medical cannabis use. The country's legal framework emphasizes control and enforcement measures to deter any form of cannabis-related activities. As discussions around drug policy continue and public perceptions evolve, Russia's approach to cannabis laws remains firmly rooted in prohibition and stringent enforcement

The Russian Federation

Legal Framework

Medicinal Use


Recreational Use


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